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Urban American Development Company Limited.

MESSAGE from Chairman

Strategy with no pains, with no regrets..

Our path is clear, manage our business portfolio for the greatest value, operate with a business portfolio that is diversified and offer optimal portfolios individually tailored to each of our customers. Our focus on customers is something that has never changed. At Urban American Development Limited, what we value most is the requirements and preference of our customers for a truly comfortable and contemporary living with all modern features and amenities. We are always receptive to the changing need and taste of our customers and we attempt to address these with a subtle blend of practicality and aesthetics. Functional creativity, flawless design, high standard of construction quality and workmanship, immaculate exterior and interior finish; all these have been instrumental behind the repertoire a Urban American Development Limited Project today symbolize. We are committed to uphold this distinct benchmark.

With the rapidly changing business environment, our employees needed to draw upon their knowledge and experience while remaining open to new developments. Many of our employees had to re invent themselves and their transformation and contribution has been the cornerstone of our success. A major contribution to our success has been the strength of our relationship with our strategic partners and this has allowed us to offer a complete package of benefits to our customers. This is an area to which we plan to keep on increasing our attention and focus that would allow us to serve our customers even better.

Urban American Development Limited is more than a company, it is a belief. A belief that defies ordinary thinking, when conventional wisdom says “NO” we say “YES” and make it happen.

With Personal Regards,

Mr. Humayun Kabir Shahen
MESSAGE from Managing director

preserving the value of our business portfolio

The Real Estate Industry has changed dramatically over the past few years, both locally and globally. In this difficult period and for the world ahead, we know how to position our company while preserving the value of our business portfolio.

Even I had a chance to inhabit and gently alter over 40 domiciles during my travels. I saw how people converted basic shelter into personalized homes to create a world of their own making. So, I tended to the domesticities of others.

We are emerging to have grown up as a builder & developer company, thriving many years by aggressively pursuing the most interesting and challenging construction projects - large and medium - and by guaranteeing results where others would back away.

Truely speaking that; we rely on our menpower - pure and simple - and we give them the freedom to think hard about what our clients need to succeed, and all the authority they need to deliver this success in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

With Personal Regards,

Mr. Anowarul Kabir